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Our Company

The Smog Master Story

We know smog shops. In fact, we came up with the software for them.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the smog industry, we started Smog Master in 2008. We set our goal: to be the premier smog shop software for the 2,000+ test-only shops in California. And we achieved that goal.

SMOG MASTER has been developed and tested for over 15 years, and the resulting software is a solid and reliable database system that will pay for itself many times over.

We are THE BEST software in the industry.

Our product was made with you in mind. We listen to our customers and base our software updates on your requests:

  • It’s easy to use and intuitive.
  • Scan information directly into our software.
  • Never buy work orders again.

We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service:

  • If you’re working, so are we.
  • Unless we’re on another call, you’ll never get voicemail.
  • Plus, we’ll train you on how to use our products for free.

Call us and ask about our specials.

We’re constantly running promotions for our new customers. We are willing to earn your business.

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