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Why Most Smog Shops Choose Smog Master

The Premier Smog Shop Software for Test-Only Stations

Easy-to-Use. Intuitive. Customizable.

Smog Master sets the standard as the most popular choice for smog shop software in the industry. We’re the #1 trusted software used by hundreds of California smog shops, with good reason.

First and foremost: We know your business. Smog Master started in 2008 and we’ve been in the automotive service software industry since 1989. That means you get unparalleled expertise and top-of-the-line software that streamlines your business.

With Smog Master, you’ll never buy work orders again. Plus, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate errors
  • Scan driver's license and registration directly onto work orders
  • Automate your work orders and invoices
  • Quickly view customer history
  • Securely store your data
  • Send smog test reminders to existing customers
  • Run your shop the way you want to

You’ll get a full-service work order software package that:

  • You can customize based on your needs
  • Will always be compliant with the BAR
  • Comes with FREE premier support

Increase your customer retention with our automated mailer service. We’ll send a customized reminder/discount card to your previous customers at the right time (this is fully automated for our customers but is available to any shop).

EXISTING Smog Master customers can download the latest UPGRADE version HERE.
*This download will only function if you already have Smog Master installed.

What our customers are saying

The Best Smog Shop Software in the Industry. Hands Down.

Features Available in Smog Master? Available in other Software?
Developed by auto industry experts with over 30 years of auto software and smog shop experience.
Leader in smog shop software for 15 years, our competitors can't compare to Smog Master.
Highest uptime of ANY Smog Shop software - you're never without your data.
Use Smog Master on the cloud or your local computer - your choice.
Ability to email work orders and invoices to customers - no paper.
Electronic signature capture.
Scan driver's license and registration info directly onto work orders - no typing required.
DMV Registration sales tracking.
Customizable for Test Only AND Test & Repair Shops.
Our relationship with our customers is based on trust and listening to customer needs.
Full inventory tracking.
Rich set of reports.
Highest quality bi-annual customer mailers at the best rate available anywhere.
No contracts needed, use the software month-to-month.
FREE trial period.
Premier support - when you're working, we're working.
Complies with all BAR requirements.

“Smog Master has transformed our business. Not only does it help with transaction process time but also accurate accounting and customer retention. Without the software and superior tech support our shops would not perform to their fullest. Thank you!”
- Cristina, Central Valley

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Secure. Compliant.

Smog Master is not only compliant with all California BAR regulations, but we also value your privacy and are committed to keeping your data secure.

You choose where to back up your Smog Master data:

  • A local computer
  • The cloud

Plus, you can easily export your data to an Excel spreadsheet whenever you want. If you need any help, Smog Master can train you on how to back up your information. Just give us a call.

"SMOG MASTER! Where have you been all my life?! Best Point-Of-Sale System I have ever used. Quick, reliable, professional looking, and most of all - Best Tech Support! Having four Test-Only Stations with the new SMOG SERVER software sure gives me the flexibility to do my other duties rather than constantly chasing after my technicians to get End-Of-Day reports done right."
- Jack, Multiple locations

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Take advantage of our Free Trial – a Limited Time Offer for New Customers Only.

With our free trial, you can create and manage up to 150 work orders – with no time limit. The software is fully functional.

Plus, you will get technical support and training at no cost to you. And you won’t have to pay any upfront or hidden fees.

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You have nothing to lose.

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